Spotlight on Aladdin Cleaners

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By Susan Baldani

Located in the Village Shopping Center in New Providence, Aladdin Cleaners has been in business since 1982 and offers much more than just dry cleaning. Don Kim, who has been the owner for the last three years, ensures the best service for all his customers. That’s why their slogan is “Where Quality Makes the Difference.”

Don came to America from South Korea 28 years ago and has been in the dry cleaning business for over 20 years. His first store, Spring Cleaners in Millburn, is now managed by his wife Eunice.

All work at Aladdin is done on the premises and their services include laundering and dry cleaning items such as shirts, draperies, comforters and wedding gowns. They are also experts in tailoring and alterations. If the straps on your sundress need to be shortened or your pants mended, they can do it.

Aladdin Cleaners also provides quick service. Bring in something for cleaning by 11:00 in the morning and they can have it ready for you by 4:00 that same day, and for no extra charge.

They will even pick up and drop off your clothing as well for no additional charge. “We go to New Providence, Summit, Chatham and Berkeley Heights,” said Don.

People are often confused as to what should be dry cleaned and what should be laundered. Silk and wool are pretty easy, because those fabrics almost always need to be dry cleaned. The same goes for anything with lace or pearls and beads, like a fancy gown, and anything made from leather.

For other items, look at the label and especially heed the “Dry Clean Only,” instructions. However, what if it doesn’t say or the tag was ripped off or the print is illegible? Aladdin Cleaners will know how to handle your clothing so no damage is done.

Experimenting at home is never a good idea. Putting an item into a washer may change its shape and finishing it up in a dryer may lead to severe shrinkage.

One thing that makes Aladdin Cleaners stand out from other dry cleaners is that they use only natural dry cleaning ingredients, which Don stressed is rare.

“I don’t think anyone uses natural chemicals around here,” he said.

Don bought the store from the original owner, who had been there for 37 years, so Aladdin Cleaners is well known in the area. Due to the quality of their service, they have a lot of repeat customers, many of whom have been coming in for years.

“The Cleaner’s Association [of NJ] named us best cleaners every year since I have been here,” said Don.

Aladdin Cleaners is located at 1260 Springfield Avenue in New Providence and is open every day except Sundays. They are there from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday, and 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturdays. For more information, give them a call at 908-665-1343 or visit their store.

Written for The Showcase Magazine in Warren, New Jersey.

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