About my book

Not yet published.  Seeking representation by a traditional literary agent.

The Family Funny Farm is a 66,000 word fictional tale of what happens when city meets country and the culture shock that follows.  It is geared to make readers laugh, cry and feel all the emotions that are experienced when one is thrown into unfamiliar and unpredictable circumstances. 

            How could this have happened to me?  This is not what I had envisioned for my life after graduating summa cum laude from Harvard University. 

Anabelle Foster’s life is falling apart.  First she loses her job at a prestigious marketing agency in New York City, and then her Aunt Sophie dies and wills her a house in central Pennsylvania.  What does she know about being a country girl? 

If that isn’t bad enough, when she gets there she realizes she was left not only a house, but fields of crops and farm animals as well!  Anabelle can’t keep a plant alive in her apartment, and knows nothing about pigs and cows.  How is she supposed to handle this?  After all, she never took a class on cow milking at Harvard!

To make matters worse, her eccentric mother moves in with her, and her opinionated Aunt Rhonda comes to visit, setting up some wild adventures in the country.  She is kicked and slapped by an angry cow, stymied by a runaway goat, and chased by a bear.  On top of that, there are some strange and unexplained happenings in the house that lead everyone to believe that there just might be a ghost on the premises. 

However, she does meet some very interesting people along the way, including a handsome doctor.  Maybe her Aunt Sophie knew what she was doing when she brought Anabelle to this small town.  Yee-haw!