Our Holiday Tradition

Christmas in our house is always hectic; lots of family and friends gathered around the Christmas tree exchanging presents, eating cookies, and drinking hot cider. It’s happy chaos, and although I don’t have a big house, it seems to expand to fit those that I love.
However, after everyone leaves, my boyfriend and I have our own tradition that not many people know about. Although we exchange presents with everyone else during the day, no one seems to notice that we’re not exchanging any with each other. So, as we sit down to relax and reminisce about the wonderful day, we gather each others presents around us.
When we are ready, we give each other a Christmas card, and I have to say, my boyfriend does a good job of finding the perfect one. Not too mushy, but with just the right amount of sweetness and love. He tells me it takes him forever because he reads every card on the rack before making his final decision. Once we are done reading and thanking each other for the heartfelt words, we begin to open our presents, one by one. It’s quiet, Christmas music is playing, and a candle is burning on the coffee table. We take our time and admire the gifts that we have carefully picked out for each other. This is our rendition of Silent night, Holy night, and we look forward to it every year. Merry Christmas!