Scotch Plains Rescue Squad Honors Long-time Member

On Saturday, February 19, 2022, the Scotch Plains Rescue Squad honored Harold Hill, Jr. at its annual installation dinner. Many people in town know what a great man he is, but they and others may not have any idea just how much he has done for not only our small part of the world, but for our country at large.

Born on July 29, 1933, to Peggy and Harold Hill Sr., he grew into a strapping young man towering over many others. At the age of 17, Harold joined the United States Marines Corps and that hard-core discipline and call to duty seeped into his blood and never wavered. Even though he was injured (he received the prestigious Purple Heart for his bravery), he never regretted signing up to do what he felt was right.

Years later, after serving as a police officer, Harold followed in the footsteps of his father, one of the founding members of the Scotch Plains Rescue Squad. That was on April 4, 1958, and now, 64 years later, he is still serving the township and its people, who have always held a special place in his heart.

The only thing more important to Harold is family. That includes children, grandchildren, and especially his beloved late wife, Marilyn. His extended family, of course, includes his squad brothers and sisters who have answered the calls for help right alongside him, often looking for his guidance in the toughest situations. With 14,500 calls under his belt, there’s not much Harold hasn’t seen during his time on the squad.

He has held every officer position, serving as Captain, President, Vice President, and Lieutenant, and was the Treasurer for 30+ years. He was made a life member by his peers in 1983 and was honored by Overlook Hospital. He has received many other accolades as well such as the Knights of Columbus Award for Excellence in Emergency Service and the Scotch Plains Male Volunteer of the Year in 1991.

The Scotch Plains Rescue Squad has been fortunate to have such a great man as not only a member, but as a wonderful mentor and friend. Here’s to many more years of doing what he loves. Thank you Harold!

Written by Sue Baldani, a life member of the Scotch Plains Rescue Squad.

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The perfect dress for that special day (and night)

By Sue Baldani

Thoughts of Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Lauren Bacall evoke images of class and elegance. These are the impressions and feelings that Sareh Nouri focuses on when designing her wedding gowns.  

“My dresses are for those timeless, elegant brides who love fashion,” says Sareh, who lives in Essex Fells. “They are wearing it on one of the most important days of their lives, so you’re a big part of their day and it’s something that stays with the bride. This is their wedding dress and they’re always going to remember that dress and the designer.”

After not being able to find the perfect fairy tale dress for her own wedding, she decided to design one of her own. She used her background in art and graphic design to create an unforgettable gown, and was so thrilled with the result that she decided to make other brides’ dreams of that perfect dress come true as well.

Today, Sareh Nouri New York is an international brand that sells to over 60 stores around the world. In June of 2020, she opened her flagship store in The Mall at Short Hills. It’s a bright and airy luxury boutique with impeccable personal service. Her team, from the front desk to her sales staff, is welcoming and knowledgeable. “We want everyone to feel comfortable and not intimidated,” she says. “It’s intimate, quiet and serene.” Brides come from all over, including Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC.

In addition to wedding dresses, there are veils, bridal jewelry, boleros, and luxury bridal robes. “The same lace used in the wedding dresses is used in the robes, so that’s what makes them so special,” says Sareh.

Not only does the store carry her signature wedding gowns and accessories, which are all made right here in New Jersey, but it also has a wonderful selection of evening gowns. “They are all made to order, and come in a sea of colors,” she says. “If someone wants to customize a gown and change the neckline or something else, they can do that. We offer alterations in our design studio in Rutherford, so clients get to work with the actual people who made their dresses.”

The price point for the evening gowns is usually between $2200 and $4000, but, she says, you get what you pay for. “These are not off the rack – they are going to have a really good fit. Someone who has that budget understands that.”

Fabrics are sourced from all over the world, including Italy, Spain and Asia. While her dresses look amazing standing still, it’s when they move that you get that “wow” effect. The flow of the fabric is incredible, which you can see from the videos on her website. “It’s all about construction and the fit of the dress and good quality fabrics,” says Sareh. “I’m not into very shiny fabrics and I’m not a fan of flimsy dresses.

“I love working with fabric and texture. Picking the fabric, draping it and designing are my favorite parts of the process. When it comes to life and you see it on the models, and even better, the brides, it’s very inspiring and motivating.”

For bridal services, she recommends making an appointment at least a year in advance, especially with COVID creating shipping issues. She also recommends an appointment for purchasing evening gowns, although you don’t necessarily need one if they aren’t busy.

Although Sareh spends most of her time in her design studio, she does go into the salon at least once a week. So, there is a chance that the bride will actually get to meet the person who has designed her dress. That itself will make for a memorable day!

To learn more, go to

Written for Chatham & Short Hills Lifestyle magazine in NJ.

The Therapist – A Book Review

By Sue Baldani

As with her previous books, B.A. Paris’s latest novel, “The Therapist”, does not disappoint. Released in July of 2021, it’s full of the intrigue and mystery for which she is famous. Her latest tale will keep readers in suspense from beginning to end.

Alice Dawson has just left her life-long home in the country to move into a newly renovated house in London with her boyfriend Leo. Although the home is spacious, beautiful, and bright, something about it gives her an uneasy feeling. At first, she blames it on living in a strange place, but as time goes by, she begins to realize there’s something more to it. And, the neighbors in her exclusive gated community of The Circle, although friendly enough, seem to be hiding something.

With a tragic past of her own, and no family to speak of, Alice is desperate to make friends, especially with Leo being away so often on business. But, when she learns of the horrific history of the house and the fate of Nina, the female therapist who used to live there, she quickly realizes that everyone in The Circle, including the man she loves, has been keeping secrets from her.

At first, she feels betrayed and angry, but as she starts to uncover more and more of the buried secrets of the people around her, including Leo’s, she doesn’t know whom she can trust. When she discovers that someone has been entering the house at night and leaving unusual and sometimes frightening gifts behind, and with what she now knows happened in the house two years prior, she begins to fear for her life. As she makes plans to leave The Circle and Leo and return home, little does she know that someone intends to stop her – for good. And it might be the person she least suspects.

Filled with twists and turns in every chapter, with interesting characters who keep readers guessing, “The Therapist” makes it hard to pin down who is friend, foe, or even a killer. When the truth finally comes out, it’s even more shocking than imagined.

B.A. Paris is the internationally best-selling author of five previous novels, including “Behind Closed Doors” and “The Breakdown.” She lives in the UK with her husband and is hopefully busy writing her next unforgettable story.

Written for The Felixstowe Magazine published in Felixstowe in Suffolk, England.