The Goddard School

Where children learn in a safe and caring environment

The Goddard School has been teaching children for nearly 30 years. Amy Emann-Evanchik, the on-site owner of the Fairfield location, is proud to be celebrating their five-year anniversary this October.

The accredited school is focused on early childhood education, and the children range in age from 6 weeks to 5 years, with summer programs for children up to 8. Curriculum is geared toward play-based learning, which Amy stated has been proven to be the best way for children to learn.

They also have a proprietary program called F.L.E.X., which focuses on children as a whole, encompassing their social, creative, physical, emotional and academic development. There is an Education Advisory Board consisting of researchers, educators, and experts in early childhood development, who develop and put these programs into place. Their Quality Assurance program has requirements above state standards and ensures that children have a safe and healthy environment in which to learn.

Their teachers, who all have a degree in child related fields, create lesson plans tailored to the individual children in their classrooms. There is a curriculum room full of resources that can be used to teach everything from sign language, Spanish, music, and art history to math and character development. “The teachers can pull from these and are able to create the magic,” said Amy.

The Goddard School gives teachers developmental guidelines and NJ state goals so they can structure their lessons around them, while allowing them to expand on teachable moments. “We don’t have a boxed curriculum,” said Amy. “Children do not fit into a box, so we don’t want to teach them from a box.”

They always focus on implementing the latest learning developments. One of these is called STEAM – science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. “Goddard has a mobile STEAM lab that visits all the preschool and pre-k classes. The children have hands-on activities to make sure that when they leave here, they are more than prepared for their next steps in private or public education,” said Amy.

The Goddard School
76 Little Falls Road
Fairfield, NJ 07004

Written for Little Falls Magazine