Comfort Food

Big bowls of steaming pasta covered with a thick red sauce; crusty hot bread smothered in rich butter; warm brownies topped with vanilla ice cream. Comfort comes in many forms; a hug, whispered words, a lullaby. And of course, food.
This is why when a friend is upset, we say let’s go out to dinner and talk it over. Or after a funeral, everyone gets together to eat and share memories. Or when we are alone and sad, our favorite foods can make us feel better. Families have some of their best, or some could say, worst, arguments around the dinner table, but the food somehow softens the angry words and snide looks and makes them more palatable.
Just thinking about certain foods can be relaxing. I sometimes remember my grandmother in her kitchen baking one of her many fabulous creations, such as apple turnovers or a chocolate cake, and that image alone makes me happy. Or I will smell sugar cookies, and remember all the times my mother made them for me as a little girl when I didn’t do well on a test, or had an argument with my best friend.
Everyone has their own favorites. So when you’re feeling down, think about your ultimate comfort food and imagine how it looks and tastes. Inhale its scent. Even if you cannot have it right away, at least it will take your mind off of other less pleasurable things. Bon appétit!

Copyright © 2014 [Susan Baldani]. All Rights Reserved.

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