How Can I Make Money by Decluttering My Household?

Sell, refurbish and donate your no longer wanted or needed items 

By Sue Baldani

Facebook Marketplace and other websites/apps

From clothing and furniture to games, sports equipment and more, posting items on Marketplace is an easy way to rid yourself of unwanted and unneeded merchandise, make money and create more space in your home, garage or yard. Sites like Poshmark and Vestiaire Collective are also great avenues to provide cash (or an economical way to change up your wardrobe.) 

Consignment shops

These are not the thrift stores you remember from years past. Many will buy everything from Gap t-shirts and jeans to high couture evening gowns, shoes and purses. When something sells, you’ll get a percentage of the proceeds.

Repurpose, refinish and resell

If you’re handy, building furniture from cast off wood, or sanding and staining old but sturdy pieces of furniture found in an attic or at a garage sale can be a one-time money maker or a new source of income. Buyers are often looking for something unique to display in their homes or businesses.

Garage/yard/estate sales

Have people come to you and browse through your and your family’s no longer needed or wanted items. For a successful event, clean merchandise, organize similar items on tables and other tidy display surfaces, and have everything priced for a quick sale.

Donating to local charities

While this option won’t generate cash, donating pays in other ways. It provides the joy and satisfaction of knowing other people who are less fortunate are able to obtain much-wanted items for themselves, their families and even their pets.

Written for Franklin Lifestyle magazine in Tennessee.


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