Art After Hours

Take an evening stroll through an unforgettable multi-sensory experience 

By Sue Baldani

Grounds for Sculpture, with its lovely gardens, whimsical and classic pieces of art, unique exhibitions, and renowned restaurant and modern café, is a much-loved destination for people of all ages. Of course, its most bustling times are when the sun is shining and the weather is warm, but that may be changing.

There’s now an opportunity to put on that winter gear and head out after hours for an incredible display of artistic pageantry. Due to its popularity, Night Forms: Infinite Wave, is back for its second year. “This year, we’ve created a breadcrumb trail of light that kind of moves you through the space,” says Executive Director, Gary Garrido Schneider. “It’s designed to be immersive, and like the rest of Grounds for Sculpture, a little playful.”

By partnering with Klip Collective, which pioneered the process of creating evening landscapes through lighting, sound, and video-projection mapping, the exhibition provides a multi-sensory light and sound experience. Lights and images become one with the sculptures, trees, and other flora, lighting up the objects while accompanied by music that strobes and flashes along with the lightshow at just the right intervals. Other installations are quieter and calming, encouraging guests to stop and relax for a while.

“There’s definitely a start and end for each work, and you can follow that flow  of the artist where there is a kind of story from each piece, so as you move from one piece to the other, emotions build over time,” says Gary. This year, there’s also a digital guide which provides more information about the works that guests can access on their phones. 

Some of the installations even offer viewers the opportunity to become part of the show, causing a ripple effect that manifests across the display. Once the person leaves, it reverts back to its original lights and music programming. Other fun installations allow you to manipulate the lights and sounds yourself. Unlike at many artistic venues, here guests are encouraged to touch and interact with the incredible works on display.

“A big part of Grounds for Sculpture is making art approachable to all and  breaking down barriers,” he says. “You can approach it on your own terms, whether you’re a child or an adult.”

While strolling through the gardens, guests can stop at the Gazebo to warm up with a hot cocoa or warm apple cider (spiked or unspiked), and indulge in a delicious cookie or S’mores Tart. There are two other food options in the park – the indoor Van Gogh Café where guests can get sandwiches and other light fare, and its incredible Rats restaurant serving the best in fine dining. 

Tickets for Night Forms: Infinite Wave will be available from Thursday to Sunday, sunset to 11:00 pm through April 2. For more information, go to

Some of the sculptures highlighted in Night Forms: Infinite Wave:

Carlos Dorrien’s The Nine Muses 

Bruce Beasley’s Dorion

Isaac Witkin’s Eolith

Masayuki Koorida’s Memory

Klip Collective’s RGB featuring artist Michelle Post’s sculpture, The Oligarchs 

Written for Morris City Lifestyle magazine in New Jersey.


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