Indulge Your Guests

Let Oystertainment® make your next event unforgettable

By Sue Baldani

People who have never eaten oysters are often intimidated about trying them. They may think they’re slimy or taste like seawater. But that is not the case, especially when dealing with high-quality oysters. For those in the know, these small shellfish are an absolute indulgence.

At your next event, why not treat your guests to Oystertainment®, a unique and fun service offered by Red Oyster? Instead of a stationary raw bar, Oystertainers, clad in their signature oyster-shucking uniform and bucket, will individually shuck oysters for each guest.

“It’s a unique experience that someone personally shucks the oyster for you,” says Angelique van der Made, vice president of Red Oyster. “It makes you feel very special.”

The professional and personable Oystertainers don’t only shuck oysters, they also educate. They explain how you should eat an oyster, where an oyster is from, and why a particular oyster from Maine tastes different than one from Prince Edward Island. They can also recommend how to eat these delicacies and the condiments that go well with them.

Red Oyster prefers to serve oysters from Northeastern waters, such as those found in Massachusetts and Maine and up to Prince Edward Island in Canada. “The oyster farmers ship to New York every night to a supplier in Brooklyn, and we get our oysters from there so they are always fresh,” says Angelique.

Red Oyster provides oyster catering and oyster shuckers in New Jersey and New York, and have also done parties in Philadelphia and on Cape Cod.

Have them come to your next event; it will be an incredible experience!

Red Oyster tips:

Use the right condiment. Hot sauce can be too overpowering and cover up the taste of the oyster.

Do not slurp it down. Chew it a few times to bring out the best flavor.

Make sure the oysters are fresh. The sooner they are eaten after catching, the better they will taste.

Oysters from colder waters in the Northeast, such as those in Maine, Massachusetts, and up into Canada, have a strong shell and a nice combination of salinity and brininess, which gives them much more flavor.

Have Oystertainers come to your next wedding, cocktail party, backyard get-together, or corporate event to give your guests a truly unique and interesting experience. Even those who have never tried an oyster, or think they don’t like them, may come to appreciate this delicious delicacy.

Written for Chatham & Short Hills Lifestyle magazine in New Jersey.

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