Autumn Décor Made Easy

By Sue Baldani

Decorating your home to welcome a new season doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. For example, with autumn on the way, there are plenty of ways to transition your home décor from summer to fall. Exchange those bright and sunny colors of summer for the more muted but lovely burnt oranges, golden yellows and russet reds.

Even if you’re not an expert seamstress, it’s easy to pick up some fall-inspired fabric remnants and make comfy throw pillows or pillow covers. Just measure and cut the material into two squares, hand or machine sew three of the sides while inside out, and then turning right side out, stuff and sew up the last side. Or, instead of stuffing, insert a pillow you already have and use a hot glue gun to secure Velcro strips to close. When fall is over, just open and remove the original pillow.

You can also decorate with things from nature. Gather together some large colored leaves and a few pine cones and place them around your home on tables or in clear containers. Simmer apple cider with mulling spices on the stove; the cinnamon and cloves will infuse your home with a wonderful aroma. And, as Halloween draws near, add whole or carved pumpkins to the mix indoors and out. Mum plants are always great to place around your front door or on your patio or balcony as well.

Of course, many of our wonderful local stores have unique seasonal items to purchase for your home, such as fabric placemats, tablecloths and kitchen towels, lovely tapestries, pretty fall candle holders with maple and pumpkin scented candles, and bags of heavily-scented potpourri to set in bowls around your home.

Enjoy the new look, feel and smell of your home all season long. Happy Autumn!

Written for the Country Register newspapers published across the U.S.

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