Showcase Salutes Watchung Pediatrics


By Susan Baldani

Watchung Pediatrics has expanded to provide more services for their patients and families. With the addition of new physicians, plus a nutritionist and a social worker, the practice offers a comprehensive health care experience.

Dr. Kapila Marepalli, MD, and Dr. Elaine Sanjuan-Saleh, DO, who came on board last summer, are dedicated to the health and well-being of their patients. They feel that being part of this practice enables them to give the best care.

“Watchung Pediatrics has created this family culture within their staff, and that translates to the patients and their families as well. Everyone really works together and supports each other, and I think you can really see that in the care that’s provided to the kids,” said Dr. Sanjuan-Saleh.

Watchung Pediatrics was named New Jersey Family’s Favorite Kids’ Docs 2019 for two years in a row as well as Hulafrog’s Most Loved Pediatrician of 2019.

The two doctors never had any doubts about going into pediatrics. The relationships they’re able to form with not only the children, but the families as well, is very meaningful to them.

“When you’re working with kids, you’re working with the whole family dynamic. You’re assessing the entire situation to see how they interact with each other, see how comfortable a family is with a prognosis, and managing the child at home,” said Dr. Marepalli.

Caring for children is greatly rewarding for both pediatricians. Unlike treating adults, they get to see many changes from visit to visit and have the opportunity to watch their patients develop and grow.

“Kids are constantly reminding you of the simple joys in life, even when they’re sick. But I also feel that at this young age, you’re really able to make a lifelong impact. You can help them grow into the people they’re supposed to be,” said Dr. Sanjuan-Saleh.

“It’s so rewarding when you’re making kids feel better. When they come in with a health issue and then they feel better, you feel very satisfied,” said Dr. Marepalli.

The doctors also very passionate about being proactive and work with caretakers to provide the best in preventative care. They feel that educating parents on how to keep their children healthy, whether it’s through diet and exercise, timely vaccinations, or accident avoidance, is one of the most important things they do. They also understand that children are resilient.

“Knowing when to intervene and when to reinsure is important. Kids have a great way of bouncing back and doing a lot of self-healing, and one of our jobs as a pediatrician is knowing when to give their immune system some time to heal itself versus giving them medication or other interventions,” said Dr. Sanjuan-Saleh.

The two physicians are also bilingual, with Dr. Sanjuan-Saleh being fluent in Spanish and Dr. Marepalli being fluent in Telugu. They believe that being able to speak to families and patients in their own languages helps to provide the most accurate medical care, and also helps connect with those families on a deeper level.

Written for The Showcase Magazine in Warren, NJ.

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