Halloween Safety Tips from the Scotch Plains Rescue Squad


By Susan Baldani

Halloween is fun for all ages, but especially for children. What other day will people give them free candy just for saying Trick or Treat?

It’s also great watching all the ghosts, superheroes, witches and devils walking throughout the neighborhood. But on this day, just like any other, safety comes first.

Trick or treat while it’s still light out
Since it gets dark fairly early in the fall, right after school is prime time for trick or treating. The temperature is milder than it is at night, and there is still over an hour of sunlight left.

Don’t wear masks that block vision or hearing
It’s important for children to be able to see their surroundings and hear what’s happening around them. Many masks make that hard to do. Using makeup and other props like fake mustaches or noses are a safer way to let a child transform into someone or something else.

Never trick or treat alone
Make sure all children are accompanied by an adult. Even older kids need someone with them when knocking on strangers’ doors.

Stay on sidewalks; do not walk in the street
We often see groups of costumed kids walking in the streets. Just because it’s Halloween and kids are in a group doesn’t mean that it’s safe to do so. Drivers may be distracted and not see anyone until it’s too late to stop.

Look both ways before crossing the street
Kids have a tendency to run across the street when they see someone on the other side handing out candy. The same rules apply as they do on any other day. Remind them to look both ways and depending on their ages, have them cross with an adult.

Carry light sticks, or wear LED bracelets or necklaces, especially if wearing dark costumes
Once it gets dark, keep children safe by making them easily visible to drivers and bicyclists. With leaves on the roads at this time of year, it may take longer to stop.

As usual, all treats needs to be checked before eating
It’s very tempting to sample some of the goodies right away, but make sure children do not eat anything until it has been looked over by an adult.

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