Book review of After Anna

After Anna

When Dr. Noah Alderman lost his wife and the mother of his son to cancer at a young age, he had a hard time believing he would ever feel joy again. But years later, after meeting and marrying Maggie, he rediscovers what it’s like to have the perfect family. He and Maggie are happy and in love, and she in turn truly loves his son Caleb.

Maggie, after suffering from postpartum psychosis, going through a painful divorce, and losing her baby daughter Anna after her ex-husband takes her to France, is grateful to have found happiness again and to have a child to love and care for after so many years of loneliness. She loves her husband and adores her stepson.

Everything is right in their world until an out-of-the-blue phone call turns their lives upside down. When the caller introduces herself to Maggie as her daughter Anna and says she wants to meet, Maggie is thrilled. Now 17 and having lost her father, stepmother and stepbrothers in a plane crash, Anna claims to want to reestablish a relationship with the mother she hasn’t seen since she was 6 months old.

At first, Noah and Caleb are just as thrilled to have Anna in their home and a part of their family as Maggie. But as time goes on, things are not what they seem, and their peaceful world is shattered when Anna accuses Noah of unspeakable crimes.

Who should Maggie believe and where does her loyalty lie? With her husband who has been completely devoted to her during their marriage, or her own daughter, whom she has missed deeply for so many years?

“After Anna” explores the complex dynamics of families and how the power of love can bring a family full circle and survive even the most devastating events. Lisa Scottoline, a New York Times bestselling and Edgar Award winning author of 30 novels, weaves a tale so emotional and involving that it is hard to put down. Plus, an unexpected turn of events towards the end leads to a stunning conclusion.

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Written for The Woodbridge Magazine published in the UK.

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