Fall Festivals are Full of Fun for the Entire Family


Festivals can soon be found in abundance this time of year. Who doesn’t like eating kettle corn, drinking hot apple cider and enjoying live music while walking around in the cool, crisp air?

If you’re not sure where to find these events, The County Register can help. Since each issue is tailored to your area of the country, look through the paper to find the fairs that are closest to your home town. You’ll soon find yourself and your family bobbing for apples, carving pumpkins, and possibly taking a tractor ride. Or how about trying to find your way out of a corn maze? Some festivals also include children’s rides, classic car shows, games of chance, and many other fun activities that one doesn’t get to experience all year round. Others even have petting zoos, pony rides and raffles. Many of these events are a perfect way to spend an autumn day that won’t break the bank.

These old-fashioned activities never get old, especially for children. They will also learn that electronics are not necessary to have fun, and time away from computers and televisions can be time well spent. Plus it’s a great way to make family memories and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time.

Some of these events are held on farms, which is an ideal location to show children where our milk, fruits and vegetables come from. City children especially don’t always understand how food gets into their supermarkets and on to their tables. This can be a wonderful learning experience for both children and adults alike.

So next time you’re planning a day out, check the latest issue of The Country Register to see what’s happening in your area. I’m sure you’ll find a festival or two that you and your whole family will enjoy.

Written for The Country Register

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