Showcase Salutes Best Value Rugs and Carpet, Inc.

Why shop at a big box store when you can get excellent customer service, better prices, and high-quality goods right in the neighborhood? All these qualities and more can be found at Best Value Rugs and Carpet Inc. in the Arthur’s Plaza Shopping Center right in Green Brook, NJ.

The owner, Daljit Chadha, has been in the flooring business for over 35 years. He can provide you with any type of flooring for your home and business, plus also guide you in picking the right products. Whether it be carpet, tile, or hard wood, Daljit is an expert in all and will carefully listen to your needs and answer whatever questions you may have. He will even personally come to your location to offer his advice about what would work best for the space, so it looks great and functions well.

Once an order is placed, installation can take place within a matter of days. He once had someone come in and ask to have carpet installed that day for a party he was having, and Daljit and his crew were able to get it done. His goal is to satisfy his customers. Before installation takes place, extra services can include the removal of old flooring and clearing the rooms of furniture. Every need is taken care of, so the buyer has the smoothest experience possible.

The flooring products are high-quality and there is something for every budget. The owner has accounts with major suppliers such as Shaw, Mohawk, Cortek and many others, just like the big stores. Plus, he personally hires all his installers to ensure that the installation is done right, and the product looks exactly as promised. By the way, if you do happen to go to one of the big stores first, bring in the estimate and Daljit will not just match it but give you the same or comparable product for 5% less.

The nice thing about dealing directly with the owner is if there is ever a problem, it can be remedied right away. You are dealing with one person, not a corporate entity. Daljit ensures that every patron is satisfied before he considers the deal done. He’s had many repeat customers and does not have any complaints lodged against his company with the Better Business Bureau. He recently had a client come back after 10 years to get some additional work done, and many people from Hillsborough, where his store was located many years ago, track him down when they need something new.

Best Value Rugs and Carpet Inc. also sells beautiful specialty hand-made area rugs from places such as India, China, Belgium, Pakistan and many other parts of the world. Right now, these rugs and other items are on sale for up to 75% off to make room for new merchandise.

Besides all the above, they also offer total kitchen and bathroom renovations, including tearing down dry wall, painting, and installation of new countertops and cabinets. Whichever job you need them to do, the installers are professionals in the specific materials with which they are working. They understand the product and know how to make it look its best.

The Green Brook store installs anywhere in New Jersey, and even goes out of state for big jobs. They not only handle residential and small business accounts, but also contract with government and state agencies to provide flooring for schools and other large buildings.

Personalized, friendly service, the best prices, a knowledgeable owner and professional installers make Best Value Rugs and Carpet Inc. the go-to place for all your flooring and many of your other home improvement needs. Pay them a visit and I’m sure you’ll become one of those repeat customers.

For more information, please call 732-752-3528 or go to their website at

Written for The Showcase Magazine

One thought on “Showcase Salutes Best Value Rugs and Carpet, Inc.

  1. I so wish we could all have someone like this man to buy carpet and flooring from. People who live nearby in New Jersey would be wise to shop at Best Value Rugs in Green Brook NJ! That’s one thing you don’t often see anymore and that’s personal service from people who truly want you to be happy with your purchase! PLUS since Mr Chadha has been in the business for over 35 years-I know he can answer any questions for his customers. Great article Sue!


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