Do you like being scared?

I do, but only in a good way of course.  I’m a little obsessed with Stephen King, and also a huge fan of the Walking Dead. When I was fairly young, my father let me watch Night of the Living Dead and ever since then I’ve had a fondness for zombies.  While most kids would have covered their eyes and ran screaming from the room, I was fascinated.

Because of this, I decided to write my own zombie story, which was just accepted for publication by Night to Dawn magazine.  I’m happy to be able to share my “spooky” story with others, and this has motivated me to write more like this.  I’m looking forward to scaring myself (and you) some more with the next one.

7 thoughts on “Do you like being scared?

  1. You and Daddy were always the ones to watch those SCARY movies while I closed my eyes or looked away!!!! Your story will scare others I’m sure. Keep up the great work.

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  2. That reminds me another movie from when I was a kid, maybe it was Night of the Living Dead, I don’t remember. But it was one where scary people came out of pods. It still kind of freaks me out :>)


    • Hi Anjali – I believe you’re thinking of the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers (there was a remake – not as good.) I loved that movie too. I guess I like being “freaked” out! 🙂


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