Rejection – a good thing?

So I’ve finished my book, and now comes the hard part – finding a literary agent. This in itself is a like having another full-time job. Each agency, and agent, has their own requirements of what they want to see. And you better make sure you follow their requests exactly, or they won’t even look at your email – into the deleted box it will go. Usually you are limited to one page to talk about your book and yourself. Imagine, trying to sell yourself in one page! These agents are bombarded by aspiring writers all day long, so you better grab their attention right from the first sentence.
On my first attempt, I contacted (or queried as it’s called) thirteen agents. I heard back from five– all “thanks, but no thanks.” But a friend of mine, who is an inspiring writer herself, told me that this percentage was fantastic. What? But I repeated that they were all rejections. However, unbeknownst to me, even getting a response is something to be excited about. For if your query really stinks, they won’t even take the time to read it in order to reject you. This is a first, and something hard for me to wrap my head around. Rejection can be good. Hmm, I will have to mull that one over a little longer…

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