The Showcase Magazine – February 2014

Spotlight on Gillette and Stirling, NJ

Every year, my husband makes Valentine’s Day such a special occasion for me.  He plans everything from the flowers to the dinner to dessert.  Usually when I come down for breakfast that morning, there is a lovely bouquet of flowers from my favorite florist in town sitting on the table.   It’s always such a nice way to start the day!

This year, I am going to make the holiday special for him so he will not have to plan a thing.  I already chose a restaurant and made a reservation.  Fortunately, Gillette and Stirling have plenty to choose from.  Since my husband loves Greek food, I called 12 Islands Taverna in Stirling that specializes in this wonderful cuisine.  So now I am off to finish my preparations.

As I’m driving through town, I decide to pop into one of the gift stores that sell hand-made chocolates and get something special for him.  He is not the heart-shaped box of chocolates kind of guy, although they have plenty of these on the shelves.  Instead, I find some high-quality dark chocolate bars, which he prefers.  I will group these with one of his favorite wines and some Italian delicacies.   Biagio’s Italian Gourmet Specialties Bakery and Deli in Stirling has plenty to offer, and everything is authentic and fresh.  This is a gift he will really appreciate.

Now I’m off to the liquor store in Gillette, where they have a nice variety of wines to choose from.  I pick up a bottle for him, and also a few more bottles which I will need for entertaining at home in the next few weeks.  After this is done, I realize that I am getting hungry and dinner is a long way off.  I’m in the mood for a hearty bowl of pasta, so I head right down the street to Ancona Bistro to have a bite to eat.  The food here is always hot and delicious, and the staff is very friendly.

Instead of having dessert in the restaurant on Valentine’s Day, I think it would be much more special if I made something that we can enjoy at home together later on.  So, after I finish lunch, I stop at the market in Stirling to pick up some high quality ingredients to make a decadent dessert that he’ll remember for a long time.

Before heading back home, I run into the salon in Gillette to make my hair and nail appointment for the afternoon of the 14th.  I want to look especially nice as we celebrate this romantic holiday, and since I’ve been a customer here for years, they know just what I like.  It’s nice to go to a place where everybody knows your name.  This is one of the nicest things about small town life:  you’re not anonymous like you are in a big city.  Stirling and Gillette are small communities within Long Hill Township in Morris County, and both are known for their tree-lined streets of single family homes and family friendly neighborhoods.  However, since the Gladstone Branch of the New Jersey Transit Morristown Line runs through both, it is convenient for commuters going into the cities.

Next I stop in one of the local clothing stores to pick up a stylish black dress that I saw in the window last week. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, and I’m glad I don’t have to run all the way to the mall to shop around.

I can’t wait to show to show my husband all the surprises I have in store for him.  It’s going to be a memorable night.  Happy Valentine’s Day!



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