Collection Magazine – Holiday issue 2013

Happy Holidays, Happy Shopping

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, except for under my Christmas tree.  Even though I have carefully made my list, I have yet to buy any presents.  Don’t get me wrong; I love the holiday season.  My house is decked out in reds, greens and golds, holiday songs are playing on the radio, and batches of reindeer cookies are cooling on the counter.  However, the thought of joining the throngs of people at the mall vying for parking spots and hustling and bustling at full speed through the stores is making me feel like the Grinch, before he turned nice.

Hmm, maybe I will do all my shopping closer to home this year.  Downtown Summit is filled with stores offering a wide variety of items, and I know I will get personal service and assistance if needed.  I’m sure I can get everything on my list, including many unique and interesting gifts.

I gather my list and my purse, and head out the door to my car.  Even though it’s early in the season, there is a hint of snow in the air.  Now that would really get me in the holiday mood.

I arrive in town and park my car in one of the municipal lots.  I’m glad it’s centrally located so I can easily make trips back to the car to unload my goodies.   I get out my list and I’m on my way.  As I walk along the sidewalks, I admire the wreaths hanging from the lampposts.  In the evenings these are lit up and really give Summit a festive look.  I also see that Santa has arrived in town, and the kids are lined up and excited to tell him about all the things they hope to find under the tree come Christmas morning.  Speaking of presents under the tree, I better get moving.

My first stop is the wine shop to pick up some things for all my wine-loving family and friends.  I find not only great wines, but interesting cork screws, beautiful decanters, and fancy wine glasses as well.  As I stroll through, I am crossing people off my list.  I even have some baskets made up so I will have less to wrap.  While I’m here, I might as well pick up some additional bottles for my own holiday parties and get-togethers.  Since these packages are heavy, I arrange to have them delivered to my house.

Now I’m off to the toy store.  There are lots of good little boys and girls on my list.  And this store has many fun and original playthings that I know will bring smiles to their faces.  As I come out of the store, my arms are loaded down with shopping bags.  I’m glad the parking lot is on the way to my next stop.  When I’m finished unloading the bags into the trunk, I cross off quite a few more names.

Since there are a few fashionistas on my list, I shop in some of the many clothing stores in town.  I buy men’s clothes in one, women’s clothes in another, and also find some really cute outfits for teens and kids.  I will include a toy with each child’s outfit, which should make both the parents and the kids happy.

Before stopping to get a bite to eat, I browse through a pet store for the pet lovers I know, a hardware store for the do-it-yourselfers, and a craft store for the creative people on my list.  I am also able to buy some cards and wrapping paper here as well.  After unloading these purchases into my car, I go in search of a hearty meal to sustain me through my next few stops.   As I relax and eat my soup and hot open sandwich, I notice a few snowflakes coming down.  How beautiful it looks as it covers the town in a white sparkling blanket!

I bundle myself back up, and walk down the street to visit the chocolate shop.  Everything looks and smells so wonderful that my mouth is watering, and the packaging alone makes me want to buy out the entire store.  I’m glad I just ate, or I would be in big trouble.  There are holiday candies in all shapes and sizes, some solid and others filled, and I look forward to stuffing these into some lucky recipients’ stockings.  I just have to make sure I don’t eat it all before the holiday arrives.   As I’m getting ready to walk out the door, I can’t resist buying a little snowman-shaped chocolate to eat on the way to my next destination.  Delicious!

I arrive next at the cheese store, where I find a delectable array of fine cheeses and specialty foods.  I order some things to pick up closer to the holiday for the people on my list who are real foodies.  They not only love to eat, but also like to try new and different things that regular supermarkets don’t carry.  I also place an order for my own holiday entertaining needs.

Next, I stop in some of the many restaurants in town to buy gift certificates.  Along with a bottle of wine, this combination will make a perfect gift for the people on my list who enjoy going out to dinner.

I can’t believe I am almost done with my holiday shopping.  I will pop into a few of the salons and spas for more gift certificates, and then I can head over to the Village Green for the annual tree lighting.  What a stress-free season this is turning out to be.   Happy Holidays!″




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